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Liliane Limpens © Dutch design

The durable and mobile Dolls Villa has been built at child’s height specially for their dolls of 30 centimetres. With a complete designer interior, a car ramp and three trays.


The Dolls Villa is available in two versions: LILIANE leading Dolls Villa for group play by 4 - 6 children and the LILIANE light Dolls Villa for group play by 2 - 3 children.


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Liliane Limpens © webdesign 29-jan-2015


"Oh wow! No plastic, no pink, no shapeless design that takes kids for idiots… Just a simple and clean design, that helps kids to learn something we should all instil: less is more. Sharp details." Marianne Charbonneau Bang Pouf Québec Canada.


LILIANE  dolls villa®  made in Germany. Registered trade mark 0653939 WIPO Genève OHIM Alicante 990618. Protected by copyright L. Limpens 47014220011999. ARAG international legal protection. European and US standards for safety EN 71-1 71-2 71-3 ASTM F 963-11 | testresults TÜV Rheinland 2014.






Liliane Limpens, the designer of the LILIANE Dolls Villa: "Their favourite dolls and stuffed animals – measuring 30 centimetres in length – fulfil an important role in teaching children about attachment and trust.  Playing with the Dolls Villa is playing with wood. I think it is important for young children to feel natural materials, to be able to smell and see the unblemished nature of wood. Wood is such a tangible and beautiful product. Children are capable of developing a real connection to products of the earth. This interaction contributes to a certain concept of sustainability, even at a young age."


Play is the language of young children, they can express and develop themselves. Playing stimulates spontaneous practicing with social skills. The LILIANE Dolls Villa provides long-lasting protection for dolls and, therefore, a child’s instinct. The villa is made of birch plywood | double transparent varnish, solid beech wood, stainless steel, plexiglass.


Liliane Limpens: "Adults can learn a lot more from children than we often assume, particularly when it comes to their heightened sensitivity. This option ensures a more continuous flow in the contact between them. The LILIANE Dolls Villa envisages this equality, and children experience love and respect when playing with it. Sentiments as genuine as the wood used to make it...”