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by Melanie Dowling May 10, 2018




Announcement at the lending desk in the Greenwich Library in New York: "TRY OUR COOL NEW DOLLSHOUSE! Keep all furniture inside the house and tidy up before you leave! We have dolls available to (responsibly) borrow - ask a librarian."


The purchase by the Greenwich Library New York is a result of the work of Melanie Dowling, business developer DollsVilla by Liliane® USA.




Daniëlle van Vuuren Geldrop April 21, 2018


Press release Communication department St. Anna Hospital Geldrop




"In the presence of Marieke Pestman, pediatrician, the children's department of St. Anna Hospital received a DollsVilla by Liliane®. Simon Bambach, member of the Supervisory Board of St. Anna Zorggroep and designer Liliane Limpens realized the donation of the DollsVilla by Liliane®. A result of their participation in the Bilderberg Conference 2018 in which an anonymous donor donated the Poppenvilla."


"Liliane Limpens has been designing exclusive DollsVillas that have also been professionally used for the observation of vulnerable children for some time." Liliane: "The DollsVilla offers children their own world where they can feel safe with their favorite dolls, hugs and cars. Play is their language. Through a fantasy play children can make better contact, tell their story or process their experience."


"The DollsVilla is strong, mobile and made of sustainable design materials. Larger dolls and cars [up to one feet in height, 30 centimetres] fit in and the furniture is specially made for the less refined movement motor skills of children."


"Awesome! We love working with the DollsVilla by Liliane®" says pediatrician Marieke Pestman. "We can observe children with the DollsVilla by Liliane® and get in touch with them more quickly. In addition, we can prepare them by means of role play for surgical procedures and provide them with playful support in the processing of hospitalization."


The St. Anna Hospital uses the DollsVilla by Liliane® within her Department of Pediatrics [play pedagogy], to guide children before and during a hospitalization, and during their outpatient visits. Medical psychologists from the Psychology department of St. Anna Hospital will use the DollsVilla for observations, diagnostics and treatment.



by Liliane Limpens April 16, 2018


Now, Now, and Now! Unduetrestella design projects for children



Also in 2018 the DollsVilla by Liliane® is present in Milano during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Thanks to the support of Municipality of Milano, Unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK is hosted in a very prestigious exhibition space: Fabbrica del Vapore, a large former industrial area close to the city centre. Fabbrica del Vapore is an important exhibition space hosting big and international shows dedicated to contemporary art and culture.


"DollsVilla Global (NL): conceived and produced by the designer Liliane Limpens creates two incredible and innovative models of dolls houses on wheels. The child heigh DollsVilla is a sustainable dollhouse on wheels for children’s most cherished 1:6 cars and dolls of 30 centimetres. With a cool design interior, stainless steel roofplates, a car ramp and three trays. www.dollsvilla.com".


Paola Noe of Unduetrestella: "It is our duty as adults, looking to the next generation, to emphasize the strength and power of childhood along with our responsibilities, adults teaching children to grow up and live in this contemporary world."

Exhibition Art & Design for Kids April 17-22, 2018

Fabbrica del Vapore, Via G.G. Procaccini 4. IT 20154 Milano



by YMCA Greenwich USA March 27, 2018


Youth Development USA




"YMCA for youth development in Greenwich USA very happy with the Dutch DollsVilla by Liliane®, for awakening the imagination".

Childwatch featuring DollsVilla by Liliane® YMCA Greenwich USA:


by Liliane Limpens January 5, 2018


New Business Development




Melanie Dowling [35] will start developing the USA market for the DollsVilla by Liliane® with the focus on hospitals, childcare, pre-schools, toy stores in the higher segment and organizations for the disabled. Starting with the Greenwich region [Connecticut] and New York.


A great number of organizations in the USA have already shown to love the Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane® and its popularity keeps rising as DollsVillas are shipped to the USA on a regular basis.


Melanie will use her professional background and product love, her knowledge and experience in marketing and finance to give the DollsVilla by Liliane® a wonderful place in the lives of children in the USA. To house their most important emotions.


“Mom, can I play with my kids now?” My daughter reminded me with that question of myself and my twin sister playing for hours with our dolls when we were young. We could have only dreamed of a doll house like the DollsVilla!"

Melanie Dowling | Business Developer - DollsVilla by Liliane® USA LinkedIn | usa@dollsvilla.com | T +1 3474970466



by Liliane Limpens December 5, 2017


Italian publication - Christmas December 2017






The renowned Italian design-lifestyle magazine CASA facile published an editorial about the Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane®.

The Doll’s House

Doll houses but also mini-kitchens are part of the so-called imitation play. They give children the opportunity to repeat gestures and situations that they have seen in the adult world. In this way they refine their movement skills and their perception of reality, the awareness and the expression of their own emotions. The play makes children aware of their own inner world and of the world around them.

Dollhouse of birch wood [Liliane, cm 120x62x130h € 1.988].
Pubblicazione italiana - Natale dicembre 2017



La rinomata rivista italiana di design-lifestyle CASA Facile ha pubblicato un editoriale sul design olandese DollsVilla by Liliane®.


La Casetta delle Bambole

Le casette ma anche le mini cucine fanno parte dei cosiddetti giochi di imitazione. Permettono ai bambini di ripetere gesti e situazioni osservati nella vita degli adulti; In questo modo si affinano la manualitŕ e l ‘osservazione della realtŕ, La consapenolezza e l’espressione della proprie emozioni. Il gioco rende il bambino consapevole del proprio mondo interiore e di quello esteriore.

Casa delle bambole in betulla [Liliane, cm 120x62x130h € 1.988].



by Liliane Limpens July 26, 2017






by Liliane Limpens June 18, 2017






Maastricht June 18, 1999 - Amsterdam June 18, 2017







by Liliane Limpens May 12, 2017


The emirates discover Dutch design for children




Presentation of the Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane® in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. At the Children & Parents World and Life Style Abu Dhabi 2017. From 11 - 13 May in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre - ADNEC. Under the patronage of Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council.

In Dubai, two samples of the DollsVilla by Liliane® are already in use. In the Kidz Club and a restaurant of the Grand Hyatt Dubai.  

Lojain Omran and the DollsVilla by Liliane® in Abu Dhabi May 12, 2017. Omran is a social media superstar and television host most well known as a presenter for Good Morning Arabs. She is also insanely popular on Instagram where she has more than 5 million followers.



by Kikimora May 6, 2017


Kikimora Warsaw Poland






Najwyższa jakość, designerskie elementy, spektakularne rozmiary. DollsVilla By Liliane to niemiecka marka, która trafiła pod dach szkoły brytyjskiej w Warszawie, szkoda, że ten etap już za nami, dla takich projektów jesteśmy gotowi wrócić do szkolnej ławy!


The highest quality, design elements, spectacular dimensions. The DollsVilla by Liliane is a German brand that went under the roof of the British International School in Warsaw. It is a pity that this stage is behind us, for such projects we are ready to go back to the school banks!


Na pytanie o to co chciałyby robić w przyszłości, Wasze dzieci zawsze odpowiadają : będziemy architektami! Wasz dom wypełniają listewki, formatki, sklejki, gwoździe i inne temu podobne akcesoria...


When asked what they would like to do in the future, your children always answer: we will be architects! Your house fill slats, molds, plywood, nails and other similar accessories ...


Fascynacja najmłodszych architekturą doprowadziła nas  do stworzenia zbioru najpiękniejszych domków, a co najważniejsze każdy z nich może być nie tylko dziewczęcym domkiem dla lalek , ale też prawdziwym męskim lokum w rozmiarze mini.


The fascination with the youngest architecture has led us to create a collection of the most beautiful chalets, and most importantly, each of them can be not only a girly dollhouse, but also a real male mini-sized house.



by Liliane Limpens May 4, 2017


Holland+You Gulf Region




Abu Dhabi May 3, 2017 – The Dutch Consulate General in the United Arab Emirates prepares an editorial article about the introduction of the DollsVilla by Liliane® in the United Arab Emirates. A scoop.


Holland+You will publish an interview with Liliane and photo’s of the DollsVilla by Liliane® in the Children’s and Parents World and Life Style 2017 in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, May 11 - 13, 2017. Holland+You focuses on Dutch Innovation in the UAE.



by La Cuky | Elisa Cucuzza 15.04.2017


Mamme Con Stile




"Questa settimana non ho avuto il tempo materiale di raccontarvi le meravigliose novitŕ di design per bimbi che ho visto al #UNDUETRESTELLADESIGNWEEK @ MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano al #fuorisalone domenica scorsa."


"Mi impegno piano piano a mostrarvele, perché sono realtŕ artigianali meravigliose. Io mi sono innamorata di questa casa delle bambole fatta interamente in legno di DollsVilla by Liliane® Dopotutto...chi di noi non ha mai sognato una casa delle bambole? ❤". 


Mamme con stile | Milano 2017 MUBA Museum Design for Kids


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.



by Paul & Paula 03.04.2017


Paul & Paula Kids, Design & Lifestyle




"DollsVila Global [Netherlands]. Dutch brand run by Liliane Limpens, designer of the DollsVilla by Liliane. The child heigh DollsVilla is a sustainable dollhouse on wheels for children's most cherished 1:6 cars and dolls of 30 centimetres."



"With a cool design interior, stainless steel roof plates, a car ramp and three trays. #DontStopHousing".


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.



by Millano Moms  | n° 15 Aprile Maggio 2017


Exhibition Art and Design for Kids Italy in Milan




"The DollsVilla by Liliane® is the most loved piece at the exhibition. A lot of interest! also from journalists."

Paola Noe of unduetrestella, initiator Art and Design for Children in the Children's Museum MUBA Milan.


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.



by Holland Hub  | April 12, 2017


Holland Hub Australia | Newsletter #24 March 2017




by Liliane Limpens April 11, 2017


Exhibition Art and Design for Kids Italy in Milan




"The DollsVilla by Liliane® is the most loved piece at the exhibition. A lot of interest! also from journalists."


Paola Noe of unduetrestella, initiator Art and Design for Children in the Children's Museum MUBA Milan.


The DollsVilla by Liliane®  is in April in Milano, as part of the exhibition Art and Design for Kids in MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milano from April 4 to 9, 2017. During the Milan International Design Fair | Salone del Mobile | the unduetrestella Design Week.

Press day Tuesday, April 4 from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.  

The purpose of MUBA Milano is to create and promote cultural expressions aiming at encouraging stereotype-free creative thought in children and prepare them for a society which requires greater and greater creative attitudes. MUBA develops and spreads non formal education with a view to promoting an innovative culture focused on children direct experience.




by Liliane Limpens April 7, 2017


New market-entry United Arab Emirates




The DollsVilla by Liliane® impresses the Emirates. A succesful entry is made in several high end hotels, hospitals and nurseries. A result of the Dutch trade mission to Abu Dhabi and Dubai 3 – 7 April 2017.


The Grand Hyatt Dubai uses two DollsVilla's by Liliane® in her brunch-restaurant and in the Kidz Club: "The Kidz Club is proud to present the latest addition for the kids.... DollsVilla by Liliane's life size Dollhouse! The child high #DollsVilla is a sustainable #dollhouse on wheels for children and their most cherish toy cars and dolls!" http://tinyurl.com/kpwbgpe


“Congratulations with the amazing concept of the DollsVilla by Liliane®” - Rutu Tawde, manager of the Spa and Kidz Club of the Grand Hyatt Dubai.




by Liliane Limpens March 10, 2017


Opinieblad Forum VNO-NCW | door redacteur Remko Ebbers






Remko Ebbers: "Je zou het niet zeggen, maar je kunt de wereld veroveren met poppenhuizen. Of het in elk geval proberen, zo laat Liliane Limpens zien. Ze gaat dan ook graag mee met handelsmissies. ‘Effectiever dan beurzen en ik vind ze leuker.’ Deel 1 in de nieuwe Forum-serie 'De handelsmissionaris'.


De zakenwereld zou ze mijden, dat wist Liliane Limpens als jong meisje al. Weliswaar waren haar beide grootvaders vermogend geworden in de graanhandel, maar van haar vader – die in loondienst was – leerde ze dat je in zaken altijd op je hoede dient te zijn. Toch heeft ze een eigen bedrijf opgericht, DollsVilla Global. En nu verkoopt Limpens poppenvilla’s over de hele wereld."

NOS Journaal vanuit Sydney op 5 november 2016. Interviews met Hans de Boer, voorzitter VNO-NCW en met Liliane Limpens over Zakenvrouwen en hun deelname aan Handelsmissies https://lnkd.in/gbt78SV  

Het volledige artikel Forum VNO-NCW  



Ondernemingsorganisatie VNO-NCW zet zich op [inter-] nationaal niveau in voor de kwaliteit van een ondernemings- en vestigingsklimaat. Voor ondernemingen van uiteenlopende grootte en verspreid over alle sectoren. Van de AEX-bedrijven tot familiebedrijven, het midden- en kleinbedrijf en jonge ondernemingen.


Van Nederland het meest welvarende land ter wereld maken. Dat is de missie van Hans de Boer, voorzitter van VNO-NCW. Het is zijn overtuiging dat Nederland alles in huis heeft om dat te bereiken. Daarvoor moet Nederland wel uit zijn schulp kruipen, stelt hij. 'Als we ons klein blijven noemen, blijven we ook klein. We zullen ons mondiaal moeten positioneren.'



by Holland Hub  | February 2, 2017


Holland Hub Australia | Newsletter #22 January 2017



by Liliane Limpens December 11, 2016


Sargood on Collaroy | Royal Rehab Centre Sydney Australia




A DollsVilla by Liliane®  will prove its services in the new Sargood on Collaroy Resort, which will be operated by Royal Rehab. The acquisition of the DollsVilla is a result of the Royal Dutch Trade Mission 2016 to Australia and New Zealand.


"Very happy with the DollsVilla!" - Delia Gray director of Allied Health Royal Rehab and general manager of Sargood | December 10, 2016.


Royal Rehab - the Rehabilitation & Disability Support Network -   provides specialist rehabilitation and disability services for people who’ve acquired a disability or impairment through trauma, accident or illness. Royal Rehab offers on-site and at-home rehabilitation for brain and spinal cord injury and other complex, long term health needs. The Royal Rehab is a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney and the University of Western Sydney, training specialists and undertaking research in rehabilitation.


Sargood is a sea-side resort where families can simply come to unwind, in a fully accessible and supported environment. The vision of Sargood on Collaroy is that it will be a  place to refresh, learn and connect and stay with your family whilst adjusting to home, work and community life following spinal injury. Sargood on Collaroy aims to be a world recognised resort for people living with spinal injury.



by Liliane Limpens November 12, 2016


Broadcast in the Dutch NOS Journaal | November 5, 2016




An interview by the Dutch NOS Journaal with Liliane in Sydney, on the participation of DollsVilla Global BV in the Royal Business Mission to Australia and New Zealand. About the state visit of the royal couple and the export activities of women entrepreneurs. The Dutch government - in this case the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs - is searching for the keys in order to facilitate the participation of businesswomen in trade missions [now less than 10%].


Broadcast of the interview NOS Journaal 20:00 on Saturday, November 5th: http://www.nos.nl/uitzending/19926-nos-journaal.html


Background article about the 50% discount for Dutch businesswomen in trade missions by Kysia Hekster | NOS reporter.




by Liliane Limpens November 11, 2016


Economic mission Dutch entrepreneurs






DollsVilla Global BV | Liliane Limpens is participant of the Dutch economic mission to Australia [Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne] and New Zealand [Auckland and Wellington], from October 28 till November 11, 2016. Together with 125 other entrepreneurs. The mission takes place simultaneously with the state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, led by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs.




by Liliane Limpens | June 29, 2016


The general manager of the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort [Starwood Hotels] loves the Dutch design DollsVilla by Liliane® so much and ordered a villa for the kids club in his new resort hotel on a private island, southwest of India.


The DollsVilla undertake the journey of 8,200 km to an earthly fairytale destination in the Indian Ocean. The dolls stay here not just for a vacation, they will permanently live in the Maldives! #breathtaking


Hotelmanager K.S. Sudheesh: “Since I saw the pic which Stoerrr’s team send me, I’m in love with the DollsVilla by Liliane®.”



28 января 2016 | аудиовизуальное YouTube




Миссия | видение LILIANE LIMPENS


Видео на голландском языке с английскими субтитрами.





by Liliane Limpens April 8, 2016


Trauma, dissociation and effect dysregulation across the life-span






Five hundred trauma psychologists and psychiatrists from Europe and beyond meet next week in Amsterdam. They exchange views on "Trauma, dissociation and affect dysregulation across the life-span". During the first Dutch meeting of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation | by Annemiek van Dijke.


The DollsVilla by Liliane® is present at the conference. The villa is used inter alia in Poland as an research-observation tool for traumatized children at the Psychology Faculty University SWPS.


Amsterdam Beurs van Berlage 14 – 16 april 2016.



Izbakurnog.ru | 21.12.2014


Родителям о событиях в детском мире


мечта многих девушек


Настоящий кукольный дом – игрушка, о которой мечтают многие девочки. Родители, которые заботятся о здоровье ребенка, могут приобрести не пластиковый, а деревянный дом от Liliane Limpens. Двухэтажное строение оснащено всем необходимым, в том числе многочисленными выдвижными ящиками для хранения кукольных вещиц.



Деревянный кукольный дом от Liliane Limpens

Wooden doll house by Liliane Limpens



Деревянный кукольный дом от Liliane Limpens

Wooden doll house by Liliane Limpens





This doll house - a toy, is the dream of many girls.

Parents who care about the health of the child, must not buy plastic but the wooden house from Liliane Limpens.

The two-storey building is equipped with everything necessary, including numerous drawers for storage dolls accessories.



Por Arianna León Méndez




Arkitura XS | Madrid Spain | February 4, 2016








La diseńadora de interiores holandesa Liliane Limpens nos trae una casa, inspirada en la búsqueda del paraíso de ensueńo de los nińos, un lugar donde ellos puedan expresar su imaginación.


Realizada en escala 1:6 perfecta para muńecos de 30cm de alto y en contrachapado de abedul, madera de haya maciza, acero inoxidable y plexiglás, lo que me encanta de esta casa es su concepto de acercar a los nińos la idea de la sostenibilidad.


Liliane es muy activa en sus redes sociales, su Pinterest no tiene desperdicio es.pinterest.com/dollsvilla. Muero de amor con las fotos de los detalles de los muebles.


Síguela en su Facebook www.facebook.com/lilianedollsvilla o visítala en su web www.liliane.eu








Made in 1: 6 scale - perfect for stuffed 30 cm tall - birch plywood, solid wood beech, stainless steel and plexiglas. What I love about this house is its concept of bringing children to the idea of sustainability.


Liliane is very active in the social networks of children | es.pinterest.com/dollsvilla waste. Dying of love with photos of the details of the furniture.


Follow her on Facebook www.facebook.com/lilianedollsvilla o visítala en su web www.liliane.eu




Step Kids 01/2016 | Januar 2016


Verlag Sternefeld GmbH & Co KG Düsseldorf




Step Kids Deutschland: "Das niederländische Label Liliane macht aus harmlosen Puppenhäusern wahre Residenzen. Gefertigt aus massivem Buchenholz, Plexiglas und Edelstahl, bieten die fahrbaren, auf die Größe von Kleinkindern abgestimmten Villen unzählige Spielmöglichkeiten – ob im Team oder alleine. Jedes Haus ist komplett eingerichtet und besitzt zusätzlich diverse Staumöglichkeiten. Die Puppenvillen eignen sich auch ideal für die Spielecke in Geschäften." www.liliane.eu



A community that celebrates contemporary culture, focused on architecture, design, art and travel


Contemporist December 8, 2015






8 Modern Dollhouses That Are A Bit Of Cute Fun. When people think of dollhouses, they probably imagine traditional house designs, filled with tiny antique furniture, but we’re here to change that with this list of 8 modern dollhouses.



by Liliane Limpens | November 11, 2015


Moon Picnic Walnut USA | Design shop for creative kids


American consumers, especially working mommies, can now finally buy a DollsVilla at home.


The new USA and UK online-shop Moon Picnic - design shop for creative kids: "We'd be very happy to be a stockist in the US and promote it through our blogs and social media. We love the DollsVilla! I think many US customers feel a lot more comfortable with domestic shipping. We look forward to introducing your amazing dollhouse to our audience."


Moon Picnic: "If you're like us, as soon as you see this your heart will explode with a child's excitement, however old you are. Yes, we've finally found our favorite thing in the toy store (which of course happens to be the most expensive in there) and our parents won't get away easily this time as we hold on to the frame and won't let go!"


"You can easily imagine how thrilled we are and we can't wait to tell you all about it!"


"This DollsVilla was designed for large dolls and stuffed animals (children's children!) and 4-5 children can play together with enough room for everyone. In their own safe domain filled with all the features of modern living and stylish furniture just like their parents, they learn about pleasure, attachment and trust. This is a gift for the whole family and future generations too." 


"Browse the slideshow of impressive details and furniture and read more about the philisophy behind this in the words of the designer Liliane Limpens on our product page."





by Angie Hanke | October 28, 2015




Babyology Australia:


Modern finds for hip kids & parents








A doll house like no other, the child-size DollsVilla has been designed by Dutch interior designer Liliane Limpens to give children a place to get completely lost in thought and play. More than just a striking play item for the home though, it’s proving invaluable in hotels, child care centres, child psychology clinics and even emergency shelters.


The © DollsVilla by Liliane® has a stylish interior to rival any real designer home, exposed shelving for easy play and, believe it or not, a car ramp. It comes equipped with furniture to fit 30-centimetre-high dolls like Barbie and is available in two sizes – one for two and three-year-olds and one for ages four to six.


The house is made from birch plywood, solid beech wood, stainless steel and plexiglass. Liliane’s intention with the use of wood was to help children develop a connection with the earth, and an early understanding of sustainability as a concept. She used transparent varnish to ensure the house’s natural colouring is a calming addition to any room.


Other than for play, Liliane sees the DollsVilla as a chance for parents to learn about their children’s development as they watch them move about and make up stories based around the dolls and the house.


Her desire was to give children their own dream haven but she had special intentions for public places too. Used in a hotel lobby, it allows children to play and communicate, regardless of what language they speak. In child care centres it encourages group play and in psychology clinics, it can be (and has been) used to facilitate contact with children, make diagnoses and even as a form of treatment.


Perhaps its most important use though, is in emergency shelters where it contributes to a warmer living atmosphere for disadvantaged children.


To purchase the remarkable DollsVilla outside of Europe, you need to visit the DollsVilla Webshop and email your request directly to the company. The large house costs €1614 (including furniture and linen) and the small one costs €898. Full house specifications are also available via the link.


Reanne Jones | Australia: "© DollsVilla by Liliane® blows the others out of the water!".


Ashleigh Jane | Australia: "I may be saving a very long time if Grace were to ever get anything this fancy!".


Babyology is the online market leader in high-quality product-focused editorial content for Australian parents with 2.334.871 page views a month and 695.000 Facebook fans . Babyology is the premium online resource for parents, providing information and reviews on products and services for them and their children. It facilitates a community where parents can discuss products and services and ask questions of experts in the field. Babyology focuses on high-quality content, publishing at least three articles each day, in addition to other links and snippets sent out through social media channels.


by Liliane Limpens September 24, 2015  

Launch of TheBestofHotels.com


Travelbloggers write about and vloggers filming the amazing products in great design and boutique hotels in the world. Such as the © DollsVilla by Liliane®. The carefully selected products can be purchased online.



The Best of Hotels is a company of Mocinno International | Stockholm Sweden



di Susanna Roderi | 7 Settembre 2015


Vogue Bambini Settembre / Ottobre 2015


Racconti dal Kleine Fabriek, la fiera frizzante e creativa di Amsterdam dedicata al childrenswear


News from Kleine Fabriek, the exciting, creative trade fait in Amsterdam dedicated to childrenswear




La grande casa per le bambole di Liliane Limpens, che permette fino a sei bambini di giocare.


Liliane Limpens presented a playhouse that's big enough for six children.




Total KZ Russia 18.09.2014


Деревянный кукольный дом от


Liliane Limpens


Настоящий кукольный дом – игрушка, о которой мечтают многие девочки. Родители, которые заботятся о здоровье ребенка, могут приобрести не пластиковый, а деревянный дом от Liliane Limpens. Двухэтажное строение оснащено всем необходимым, в том числе многочисленными выдвижными ящиками для хранения кукольных вещиц.



by Liliane Limpens update September 8,  2015


First in high-end hotel industry Amsterdam




DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station recently purchased a DollsVilla leading for the hotel lobby and restaurant, on behalf of its international junior guests. The villa is their central meeting point.


The general manager of DoubleTree by Hilton, Caroline Receveur: "The DollsVilla is bizarrely beautiful."


It is done with the boredom, with roaming through the hotel. From now Chinese and English and Russian and French and African and German children make together one story. The language of the play is universal.


DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station so excited about the DollsVilla in their hotel lobby. Boys and girls from many countries come together in this play-meeting point.


Front of House Manager Lotte Dijkmans van Gunst: "It seems as if children know that this is a very high quality play furniture, they play so nicely with the DollsVilla! Clearing the kids corner requires significantly less time from us than before."









Le Mini: Little Fashion Magazine | Bratislava Slovakia


August 24, 2015


Lucky break



Neodolateľný domček pre bábiky

Do you know the dollhouses in which they can not play at all because they are too small or very closed? Meet with us the dollshouse new generation!


Liliane DollsVilla by Liliane®, designed by Dutch Designer Liliane Limpens is much more than just an ordinary dollhouse. Whereas it is adapted to the size of the classic Barbie dolls, it becomes unique in its kind. The house is equipped with furniture and a car ramp, all of which is adapted to the child's height. The whole house is also on wheels, making it easy to relocate and children. The open design also promotes interaction and the house is so superbly useful not only at home, but also for example in children's centers or nurseries.


The materials used in the house except play a practical role particularly aesthetic. Everything is made from materials such as birch plywood, wood or stainless steel, and so should withstand house with your kids really long time. In addition, there is one more, no less important added value. Play with this dolls villa means playing with wood. Contact between children and natural materials from an early age is considered very important for the designer and with it we can only agree.

Source and photos: liliane.eu
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Poznáte tie domčeky pre bábiky, v ktorých sa vôbec nedá hrať, pretože sú príliš malé alebo veľmi uzatvorené? Spoznajte s nami domček pre bábiky novej generácie!


Liliane DollsVilla by Liliane®, navrhnutý holandskou dizajnérkou Liliane Limpens, je omnoho viac ako len obyčajný domček pre bábiky. Keďže je prispôsobený bábikám veľkosti klasickej Barbie, stáva sa unikátnym svojho druhu. Domček je vybavený nábytkom a auto rampou, pričom všetko je prispôsobené na detskú výšku. Celý dom je navyše na kolieskach, takže ho ľahko premiestnia aj deti. Otvorený dizajn zároveň podporuje interakciu a domček je tak skvelo využiteľný nielen v domácom prostredí, ale napríklad aj v detských centrách alebo v škôlkach.


Materiály použité v domčeku zohrávajú okrem estetickej hlavne praktickú úlohu. Všetko je vyrobené z odolných materiálov, ako napríklad brezová preglejka, drevo či nehrdzavejúca oceľ, a tak by mal domček vydržať s vašimi deťmi naozaj dlho. Okrem toho je tu však ešte jedna, nemenej dôležitá pridaná hodnota. Hrať sa s týmto domčekom znamená hrať sa s drevom. Kontakt detí s prírodnými materiálmi od útleho veku považuje dizajnérka za veľmi dôležitý a my s ňou môžeme len súhlasiť.


Zdroj a fotky: liliane.eu



by Enrico Fragale Esposito | editor Kid's Wear Diary | Milano July 19, 2015




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The Liliane DollsVilla is far more than a simple dollhouse; it has been designed by Dutch designer Liliane Limpens for dolls that are one foot tall, making this house unique in its genre. Liliane created this doll house because there wasn’t a sustainable home for the size of dolls children prefer to play with.


So this one-of-a-kind house on wheels, equipped with furnishings and a car ramp, made from sturdy materials, such as birch plywood, beach wood and stainless steel, come up at child-height.


“Playing with the Villa is playing with wood, I think it is important for children to play with naturals materials”.
The measure and endurance give the relationship between adult and child a kind of equivalence, considered relevant for kid’s growth.


The distinctive open design of the Villa encourages interaction and free play, that’s why Liliane thought that, apart from a family use, it could work into day care centers or primary schools.


It is a mission, she explained, to incite “female entrepreneurs to consider developing physical products, and not just think about providing a service.”


Putting down roots on ethical values this Villa will make children feeling real owners of their space. 


Have a look at: www.liliane.eu


Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito


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"This is not a normal dollhouse… no it’s a villa and we absolutely love it."


After the exciting presentation of LILIANE's DollsVilla at the prestigious Kids Design fair at Superstudio Milan the Dolls House arrived back home in the Netherlands. During De Kleine Fabriek the villa was showed to the Dutch audience for the first time.


The LILIANE DollsVilla is much more than a normal dollhouse. The Villa is specially designed for dolls that are one foot tall. Children prefer dolls this size, just like Barbie and other 30-centimeter tall stuffed animals and toys. Because there wasn't a sustainable home for these size dolls, power women Liliane Limpens decided to create this Villa.


The Villa also comes with a message. If the dolls, which your children see as their own children, live in a strong and safe house than the 'parents' [your kids] will also sleep more sound. In the Villa it's the kids who decide everything when it comes to values, standards, perspective and freedoms. The villa encourages the play by touching the children's creativity and fantasy whilst practicing their social manners.


The Villa is child-height and made from sturdy, quality materials such as birch plywood, solid beech wood and stainless steel. The open design encourages interaction and free play for up to 6 children at the same time. The house comes in two models, each complete with designer furniture including a car ramp, beds, storage drawers and kitchen and bathroom appliances.


The Villa is already a much-loved item at day care centers and primary schools across Europe and the Villa is used by universities who research how play therapists, child psychiatrists and psychologists can use the Villa to help children who suffer from trauma.



by Carl Mills July 7, 2015


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Checking in and out of hotels can be a stressful business for customers with young children. While dad is checking the bill and mum is worrying about making it to the airport on time, the kids are often wreaking havoc in the busy hotel lobby. Other hotel guests are irritated by the noise and already busy staff have an extra issue to deal with.


Now there’s a great way to ease their pain and add a little special customer service for guests with young children. The Liliane DollsVilla. A giant designer Dolls House that will make a huge impression on your junior guests and bring some much needed peace and quiet to an already bustling hotel lobby. Put a Liliane DollsVilla in the corner of the hotel lobby and you will alleviate the nr 1 reason that kids get out of control, boredom. With the DollsVilla captivating them there will be no problems with kids roaming your hotel lobby looking for thrills.


The beautifully designed doll house, which measures 120x62x128, is the perfect safe haven for kids. It’s made of modified birch plywood and stainless steel and allows up to five to six children to play at once. It comes fully furnished, with a kitchen counter and a catalogue of wood furniture next to a functional wall mirror and aluminium utensils in seven rooms connected by two spiral staircases. Children love big dolls and the dolls that come with the villa are a foot tall.


Moving the doll house to another part of the lobby is effortless thanks to the wheels under its base. The Dutch designer Liliane Limpens, a former art magazine editor, wanted to create the perfect haven for kids to play and wanted to create “a special home for the children’s children”, “It had to be an exclusive and private place, with its own rules and sense of freedom and specifically for your favourite dolls!”, she also adds that “dolls and stuffed animals play an important role in a child’s learning curve about attachment and trust.”


LILIANE BV is a sustainable-living furniture brand for dolls up to 30cm. LILIANE BV’s products are not just built for fun but also have an educational purpose. They Target the three to ten age group and create interaction that stimulates spontaneous practices of social skills. The specific use of eco -friendly materials also helps kids learn about sustainability at young age.


The Hilton Hotel Centraal Station Amsterdam recently purchased the Liliane doll house villa to serve as a central point for its junior international guests and called it “Bizarrely beautiful!“


Bring some creativity and serenity to your hotel lobby and order your Liliane DollsVilla now from info@thebestofhotels.com


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