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by SWPS Katowice Poland December 22, 2014  





The Dutch Dolls Villa supports the education and the research of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities | SWPS Katowice Poland. The Dolls Villa is part of the promotional film SWPS 2014 - 2015.


by Andrea Wahr R. | reporter El Mercurio August 23, 2014  
El Mercurio newspaper Chili  
Santiago Vivienda y Decoración  



The largest of the design doll houses is the Liliane Dolls Villa, for five to six children, measured 120x62x128 cm, is made of modified birch plywood and stainless steel.


The Dutch designer Liliane Limpens - a former editor of a magazine of art - created the Dolls Villa, "a home for the children of the children", motivated by giving them a dream haven. "It had to be top quality, that it is an exclusive, private domain, just for your favorite dolls, which has its own rules and freedom", explains and adds that the dolls and stuffed animals play an important role in children's learning about attachment and trust.


The Dolls Villa’s ( measured 1.20 m high, are made from birch wood and can be moved thanks to the wheels under their base. They come fully furnished and there are two models: one for a group of four to six children and one villa for two to three children.



La más grande de las Liliane Dolls Villa, para cinco a seis niños, mide 120x62x128 cm, está hecha de contrachapado de abedul y terminaciones de acero inoxidable.


La diseñadora holandesa Liliane Limpens –ex editora de una revista de arte– creó Dolls Villa, “una casa para los niños de los niños”, motivada por darles un refugio soñado. “Tenía que ser de primera calidad, para que fuera un dominio exclusivo, privado, solo para sus muñecas favoritas y donde hubiera sus propias normas y libertades”, explica y agrega que las muñecas y peluches cumplen un papel importante en el aprendizaje de los niños en el apego y la confianza.


Las casas de Dolls Villa ( miden 1,20 m de alto, están hechas de madera de abedul y se pueden mover gracias a las ruedas que tienen bajo su base. Vienen completamente amobladas y hay dos tamaños: una para un grupo de entre cuatro y seis niños y otra para dos a tres niños. La más grande de las Liliane Dolls Villa, para cinco a seis niños, mide 120x62x128 cm, está hecha de contrachapado de abedul y terminaciones de acero inoxidable.


by Liliane Limpens August  6,  

Butterfly Occasions UK




It’s a special villa for the 21st century and children and parents are going to absolutely love its ability to keep everyone entertained. It’s strong, durable, mobile and made from sustainable materials for those who care about the environment. You can watch your children develop their communication and fine motor skills and listen to them as they creative their own imaginative world.


Playing in the LILIANE leading Dolls Villa is a quality time with your children while you encourage them to engage, communicate, speak, count and show all the lovely items in the super Dolls Villa.


by Liliane Limpens July  
Architectural Digest AD Spain online [July] 2014  
por Silvia López, Celia Vega  


Bienvenida a casa, muñeca  

„Otro histórico de la arquitectura disponible a pequeña gran escala es Arne Jacobsen. La danesa Minimii ha replicado la casa del arquitecto en Charlottenlund y, cómo no, la silla Cisne. Su intención es que los padres también jueguen con las miniaturas, por eso han lanzado la casa en formato MiiBox, que se cuelga en la pared como un joyero. Otra madre que reaccionó con creatividad ante la falta de oferta de casas hipsters para sus hijos es Liliane Limpens.


„Mientras Minii y Minio están pensadas para las medidas de Barbie y otras fashion dolls, las de Liliane son aptas para muñecas grandes.”


by Liliane Limpens July  

TÜV testresults




The LILIANE Dolls Villa passed the research testing by TÜV Germany, according to the latest European and US standards for safety EN 71-1 | EN 71-2 | EN 71-3 | ASTM F 963-11.


by Liliane Limpens July  

Economic mission | State Visit Poland



Psychiatrists in Warsaw 16 July 2014:  

“We are glad to get to know you and your concept. We believe that conducting the international research-project ‘Dolls Villa and video-registration’ may lead to increased efficacy of therapeutic work with children. We ourselves also use various forms of play, also including work with doll houses. It seems that the standarization may enhance the quality of such work. We are waiting for further information on the progress of preparations and we are willing to participate in any stage."


by Liliane Limpens May 16,  
Among the world's dolls houses  



Guido Tielman, Dutch consul-general in the economically expanding city of Chongqing [31 million inhabitants], selected LILIANE BV from among approximately 200 Dutch international enterprises as the one with the greatest sales potential in China by far: “I am very impressed by the Dolls Villa.” Tielman is sounding out the potential of bringing the LILIANE Dolls Villa to the children of China at the Wereldveroveraars conference for conquerors of the world on 13 May 2014.


Tielman: “The Dolls Villa has tremendous sales potential in China. Here’s an anecdote to illustrate this. I live in a hotel in Chongqing. I recently passed by a wedding reception in the hotel. Looking outside, I noticed that there were ten Ferraris at the hotel car park! What I want to say is that there are many people in China nowadays with serious money. My British colleague sells Bentleys and he told me that he sold eighty Bentleys in just four years’ time.”


“This is the Bentley! [pointing to the dolls villa on the screen in the conference hall] The Dutch Dolls Villa is the Bentley among the world’s dolls houses. The Chinese are very status-oriented. If you, as a parent, are able to buy a LILIANE Dolls Villa, you are a good parent.”


“Because of the one-child policy, parents only want the very best for their child. The last [marketing] element is that the Chinese wish to educate their child to the highest possible level and give it the best possible upbringing. Parents are anticipating on the importance of developing a child’s creative potential. The Dolls Villa can contribute to this ideal.”



'Wereldveroveraars' is the Netherlands International entrepreneurial network.


by Liliane Limpens May 11,  



The dolls of Polish children could soon be living in the Dutch Dolls Villa | Willa dla Lalek. LILIANE BV is participant of the economic mission to Warsaw and Poznan in June 2014.


Companies and knowledge institutions in the sectors architecture, water, transport and logistics, agro and horticulture are mission-participants, led by the Minister for foreign trade and development cooperation. The economic mission is parallel to the State visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to Warsaw and Poznan, they take part in some mission components.


The Polish architect Conchita Home: "The Dolls Villa is a delightful design."


by Liliane Limpens August 19, 2013  
Kierna Corr | Nursery teacher | Windmill Integrated  
Primary School Tyrone N. Ireland  



"I am lucky enough to have one of your houses in school, love it 7 years on & still as good as new."


by Liliane Limpens May 8, 2014  
Dobre Wnetrze [april] 2014 [193] 144  



„Dolls Villa” na kółkach, brzozowa sklejka, stal nierdzewna i pleksi. Zmieszczą się tu wszystkie przytulanki do 30 cm, ok. 6000 zł,


"Dolls Villa" on wheels, Birch plywood, stainless steel and plexiglass. Fit all cuddly to 30 cm. 6000 PLN,


by Liliane Limpens August 5, 2013  
Viction:ary books Hong Kong 2013
creativity :: experimental :: collaborative forces



A to Z Designs for Kids & Kidults


LILIANE Dolls Villa could be a dream house for children, as well as for adults with an eye for quality.


Measuring 1.28 metres tall on metal castors with brake systems, the three-storey playhouse exhibits meticulous attention to details from its design through to the materials it employs.


Open on four sides with perforated stainless steel roofs, the birch plywood structure reveals a kitchen counter and a catelogue of wood furniture next to functional wall mirror and aluminium utensils in seven rooms connected by two spiral staircases.


The unblemished nature of wood has been consciously retained for a genuine connection between children and products of the earth.


LILIANE BV is a sustainable-living furniture brand for dolls up to 30cm. LILIANE BV's products are built not only for fun but also with educational purpose. Targeting the three to ten age group, they create interaction that stimulates spontaneous practices of social skills. The use of materials also brings in the concept of sustainabillity for the kids at young age. Its value is as well-recognised in the field of child as women psychotherapy in the Netherlands.


by Liliane Limpens April 30, 2013  
Collection of innovative ideas and trend reports  



Chic Contemporary Doll House


The Dutch LILIANE Dolls Villa Pimps Out Toy Homes! If there was ever a home fit for a doll, it'd have to be the Dolls Villa by Liliane Limpens.


The Dolls Villa is a contemporary doll house that looks a lot like the homes most people today would want to live in. The entire model is sustainably built and is constructed mostly from wood that gives it an earthy, organic look. The interior features just about everything a normal home would have such as a sink, beds, bathroom and even a perforated stainless steel roof that brings a nice contrast to the wooden aesthetic. The villa has three floors, each of which have been given its own personality by Limpens.


If there was ever such a thing as comfortable living for toys, this is it.


by Liliane Limpens April 19, 2013  
Modern contemporary Design and Architecture  



The Dutch LILIANE Dolls Villa is a sustainably built, mobile, contemporary dollshouse.



by Liliane Limpens April 10, 2013

Das ideale Puppenhaus für jede Kindertagesstätte


Silke Hüchel-Steinbach | Tagesstättenleiterin:

"Ich finde:

LILIANE light Puppenvilla - das ideale Puppenhaus für jede Kindertagesstätte.

Spielbegeisterung bei Jungen und Mädchen und allen Altersklassen.

Mobil einsetzbar im ganzen Haus.

Qualität, die Langlebigkeit verspricht, machen den Preis - auch bei knappen Budget - vertretbar."



by Hye-min Kim November 29, 2012  
All about birch | december 2012 | Hye-min Kim  



인형의 집이 항상 작아야만 한다는 편견을 버리자! 릴리안 사의 독
일제 자작나무 인형의 집은 커다란 양배추 인형이 들어갈 수 있을
정도로 넉넉해서 아이들의 그룹 활동용 장난감으로도 적격이다.

dolls villa leading
| 가격 미정 | 릴리안


by Latvia's Architecture October, 2012  
Magazine issue 103 | oktober - november 2012  



De LILIANE poppenvilla tijdens Kids RoomZoom in Milano 2012 | presentatie van innovatieve, design meubels voor kinderen. Latvia's Architecture is het enige Letse tijdschrift voor architecten, ontwerpers en professionals in de bouw.


by Fashion Magazine August 24, 2012  
Fashion magazine issue 02 | 2012  



LILIANE Poppenvilla expositie-object tijdens de internationale designbeurs Fuori Salone in Milaan.


by Naif Magazine June 22, 2012  
Naif magazine issue 13 june 2012 | Silvana Catazine  



The dolls house of Liliane Limpens is large of size. The designer has put emphasis on the quality and sustainability of the processed materials. The villa is produced in Germany. The designer has the Dutch nationality.


Silvana Catazine: "I had an almost magical moment when I saw the sliding light through the villa-roof that illuminated one of the beds."


by Dutch Federation of Shelters  



All 225 women’s shelters and social shelters in the Netherlands have received a LILIANE dolls villa. The Dutch Federation of Shelters: "Investing in children in shelters can help prevent problems. Often, the children themselves become perpetrators or victims of violence later down the line. The villa helps to build an ideal home where there is no violence. This process rebuilds the basis that gives the children the freedom to be a child again. By investing in this dolls villa, you are investing in a better future for these children."


by Naif Magazine April 16, 2012  



Museo del Novecento - museum of the twentieth century - will present during the International Design Furniture Exhibitio the LILIANE dolls villa in the center of Milan | from 17 april 2012.

Museo del Novecento
Milan | Piazza Duomo 12

by Naif Magazine March 19, 2012  
KidsroomZOOM 2 | art and design for kids  



International designers will present contemporary children’s art and furniture in Milan. KidsroomZOOM 2012 | 'We never give up!' will display the objects, including the LILIANE leading | LILIANE light Dolls Villa, at two project locations in Milan city centre.

Milan Fuori Salone Internazionale del Mobile 17 - 22 april 2012 | Kidsroom Zoom 2 Milan
Milan | via Mellerio 1 [MM2 San Ambrogio]
Milan | via GB Vico 1 [MM2 San Ambrogio]

by Houzz January 23, 2012  



LILIANE brings the dollhouse to the next level, literally. This gem is designed for 30-centimeter dolls (or dolls that are roughly 1 foot long). It's such a fun idea, and I'm especially fond of all the open space. It's perfect for play.


by Liliane Limpens October 10, 2011  



The museum is holding intensive children’s workshops with three complete LILIANE leading dolls villa's.


The 'Hôtel particulier: a Parisian ambition' exhibition in the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine is showing an architechtural and historic architectural overview of Paris' famous mansions.

5 October 2011 - 19 February 2012

Cité de'l'Architecture et du Patrimoine | Palais de Chaillot

1 place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre
75116 - PARIS

by Liliane Limpens October 10, 2011  



The LILIANE leading | the LILIANE light dolls villa are shown in Vienna, during the Interpädagogica 2011. A national education fair for primary schools and nurseries in Austria.

Vienna 10 - 12 November 2011

Messe Wien Trabrennstraße 7

1020 VIENNA Austria

Cité de'l'Architecture et du Patrimoine | Palais de Chaillot

1 place du Trocadéro et du 11 novembre
75116 - PARIS

by Marianne Charbonneau October 5, 2011  



Marianne Charbonneau | Bing Bang Pouf Canada: "Oh wow! No plastic, no pink, no shapeless design that takes kids for idiots... Just a simple and clean design, that helps kids to learn something we should all instil: less is more. Sharp details."


by Liliane Limpens October 3, 2011  



The LILIANE leading | the LILIANE light dolls villa are shown in Austria, during the Vienna Design Week.


Dolores Wally, architect and journalist, founder magazine | blog Kleinformat: “In the midst of art objects and design furniture for children of more then 20 international designers, the beautifull doll house LILIANE was a highlight for me."

1 - 9 October 2011



kidsroomZOOM design and art for kids

Wipplingerstraße 29
1010 WIEN

Herr und Frau Klein | concept children's store

Kirchergasse 7
1070 WIEN

by Liliane Limpens July 8, 2011  
Juli | August 2011  





by Liliane Limpens April 19, 2011  



The LILIANE leading | the LILIANE light dolls villa are shown in Graz Austria, during the design month [7. - 21. Mai 2011]. Since the city of Graz is applying for Unesco City of Design status - the provence looks to promote and to support interesting design projects. International designers are invited to present their children's products.

Creative Industries Styria Graz Austria | Kidsroom Zoom!
Wiesler Depot Griesgrasse 7 1.Stock Graz  

by Liliane Limpens April 5, 2011  



Stella Mc Cartney Milan will present the LILIANE Dolls Villa during the introduction of its new children’s collection.

14 april 2011 4 pm MILAN
Forcella 5 20144
Wiesler Depot Griesgrasse 7 1.Stock Graz  

by Liliane Limpens April 5, 2011  



Stella McCartney Kids and unduetrestella are hosting a lounge event in partnership with Elle Junior magazine for Design Week 2011. The lounge will display work by designers Kalon Studios (USA/Germany), COLLECT furniture (Denmark), Perludi (Austria), AL2869 (Itally), Liliane (Netherlands) and artist Letizia Cariello.

14 april 2011 4 pm MILAN
Via Santo Spirito 3 20121
14 april 2011 4 pm MILAN
Forcella 5 20144
Wiesler Depot Griesgrasse 7 1.Stock Graz  

by Liliane Limpens April 5, 2011  



International designers will present contemporary children’s furniture in Milan. Kidsroom - Zoom! will display the objects, including the LILIANE leading | LILIANE light Dolls Villa, at a project location in Milan city centre.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 12 - 19 April 2011
Kidsroom Zoom! Via Sando Sandri 2 Milan

by Tanja Clausen December 16, 2010  



Tanja Clausen børnebibliotekar: "The LILIANE Dolls Villa is one of the best investments we have done. The villa has great playing value for the kids."


by Liliane Limpens 2009 | 2010  



All women's shelters as well as social shelters in the Netherlands will receive a LILIANE dolls villa. In this way, the sponsor is contributing to the renewal of contact between mothers and their children, victims of domestic violence.


The Federation of Dutch Care Centres: "The centres are very impressed with this sponsor's gesture. The LILIANE dolls villa is an addition to the help available to children at the centres. However, it's not just for children, the villa also invites the mothers to play. This relaxed contact between mother and child is essential for both of them. The dolls' villa is also used to observe children at play, establish a rapport with a child and to recreate difficult home situations so that painful experiences can be handled."


by Ohdeedoh July 15, 2010  

"Lots of parents are looking for a dolls' house this holiday season - something modern, gender-neutral and built to last. If money is no issue, we've found the perfect specimen - the Dolls Villa by Dutch designer Liliane Limpens. We love the plywood and stainless steel details, and there are lots of details. Jump below for more pics [be forewarned that the next pic is X-rated!]."


by Liliane Limpens July 2, 2010  



Eight Dutch and Saudi business women met each other in Amsterdam. The Saudi delegation was interested in what support is given to women starting a business in the Netherlands. The Saudi business women are all pioneers in their country. They have been actively involved in the empowerment process and are eager to hear about the 'lessons learned' by the dutch.


A female entrepreneur from Mecca placed an order with LILIANE for the supply of the LILIANE dolls villa. This is unusual, as the process of building up a trusting relationship dominates business contacts in Saudi Arabia for a long time, before any business is conducted.


by Liliane Limpens February, 2010  



Fifty Dutch entrepreneurs travelled to Moscow and Nizhni Novgorod, together with the Minister of Economic Affairs.


A Dutch daily newspaper reports: 'Liliane Limpens has also become interested in the Russian 'nouveau riche'. This week she is in Moscow [and Nizhni Novgorod, ed] to investigate the possibilities for her products on the Russian market'.


by Liliane Limpens February, 2010  



Presentation of the LILIANE dolls villa at the largest toy fair in the world. Educo Nienhuis Montessori, the export department of the Dutch schoolsupplier Heutink, sells the villa to nurseries and to the primary education sector in different countries.